Apollo 100 Light Panel

Master-Lee would like to introduce you to our brightest, most powerful, radiation tolerant LED light across our product line, the Helios 100K.  To be released late 2017!

Providing up to 100,000 lumens of dispersed, white light using the latest in LED technology, the Helios 100K is best suited for lighting large areas, such as reactor cavities, reactor cores, and spent fuel pools.  With a wide beam array of light, positioning the Helios 100K just below the water's surface is all that's required to illuminate large surfaces for underwater video inspections/monitoring, reactor service and fuel work, or general area lighting.  Additionally, having a tolerance to high levels of radiation, the Helios 100K is designed to operate in all areas of nuclear power plants.  Coupling a resistance to extreme doses of radation and a high light output gives our customers the flexibility to do more with less, as the Helios 100K can provide the illumination of two or more traditional (tungsten/quartz halogen) lights.  If positioned at the reactor vessel flange level, the Helios 100 provides an ample supply of light to illuminate the entire core!  In addition to reducing the amount of required lighting fixtures, incorporating LED lighting technology provides thousands of maintenance-free operating hours, reducing your re-lamp, installation, and removal times.

With the capacity to produce 100,000 lumens of crisp, bright light there comes a point where changing conditions necessitate adaptation and that level of intense lighting can become overwhelming and counterproductive.  Fully dimmable from 100% output to 10% power gives the end user total control allowing the light to perform exactly as needed.  If it's not the user adjusting light output based on Apollo 100 Systemconditions, it's the conditions adjusting light output.  The Helios 100K incorporates a unique safety feature, Auto-Dimming, to protect itself from thermal overload as well as to protect personnel from the intense light.  When the Helios 100K is removed from water, its primary cooling medium, its operating temperature begins to rise.  As this occurs, it senses the temperature increase and begins to lower its light output to maintain a safe operating level.  In the warmest of open-air working environments, the Helios 100K will effectively and safely cool itself through natural convection, operating around 50-60% light output.

Apollo 100 Light Bracket

Constructed of anodized aluminum, the Helios 100K with its adjustable (0-45 degrees) mounting bracket weighs in at under 40 lb.  A mast length and hanger 

are designed and sized to suit each customer's facility.  The Helios 100K is driven by a small, compact power console fitted with on/off and dimming controls. Operating on standard 110VAC (or 220VAC) and drawing under 7-Amps adds to the portability and permits multiple lights to be configured on one electrical circuit.


 Light output

 Up to 110,000 lumens

 Operating voltage

 100-240 VAC input

 Light color

 5000K (white light)  

 Operating current 

 Up to 7.0 Amps

 Beam pattern


 Depth rating

 IP68 (pending), Up to 50-feet

 Radiation tolerance

 Approved for reactor vessel use

 Assembled weight

 ~40 lb


 100-10% manual; 100-50% auto

 Light head positions

 Vertical (0-deg) to 45 deg
 LED Life  50,000 hours (>70% lumen output)      


 Anodized aluminum; polycarbonate (lense)    Hanger bracket  Bail, T-Handle, custom, detachable
 Operating temp (°F) 165 (maximum, in-air); ~135 (in water)    Mast length  8-ft (additional lengths available)
 Power Factor  92%    Protection  GFCI; Thermal Overload; Short Circuit,
 Over Voltage
 LED Efficacy (@85C)  159 lumens/watt    LED Flux (@85C)  100,300 lumens
 Light Panel Dim's  18" x 12" x 3"    FME Equipped  Yes


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Part ImagePart DescriptionEPI Part No.
Apollo 100 System

Helios 100K System (includes light body, power console, up to 100-feet of power cord, up
to 30-feet of mast, adjustable light body mounting bracket, and custom hanger bracket)