Along with providing our standard line of products, EPI routinely designs innovative custom tooling for a wide variety of applications.  From underwater remote tooling to custom structural work platforms, EPI has the necessary experience and knowledge to accomodate your tooling needs.  Feel free to browse through some of our latest tooling accomplishments. 

Please contact Our Team of engineers to discuss your project.

Spent Fuel Cantilever Work Platform w/ Tool Hangers
Remote Operated Articulating Wire Cutters
   Fuel Assembly Grid Strap Grinder
ICI Guidepath Cleaning Tool   
 ICI Guidepath Replacement Crimp Tool
 ICI Guidepath Torquing Tool
  ICI Stackable Debris Canister Handling Tool
Internals Lift Rig Alignment Fixture
Internal Vibration Instrumentation Removal Tool
RCP Seal Maintenance Work Platform
Torquing Tool Tube Gripper
Custom Tool - Rx Decommission Project
Spent Fuel Handling Tool - Rx Decommission Project
Vessel Segmenting Plasma Cutting System - Rx Decommission Project

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