The EPI Auxiliary Refueling Bridge is the logical and practical solution to expedite your nuclear refueling process.

Designed for personnel to manipulate Underwater Lighting and Refueling Shoehorns, our bridge will eliminate crucial downtime when used in tandem with the manipulator crane.  Additionally, EPI's Auxiliary Refueling Bridge has routinely been used for supporting a variety of reactor/refueling cavity projects, such as FME retrieval (FOSAR), cavity decontamination, and vessel inspections.

3-Pc Aluminum w/ SuperStructure & Man Baskets -- Standard 2-Pc Aluminum -- 2-Pc Aluminum w/ RisersBuilt to accomodate the industry's dynamic work environment, EPI's Auxiliary Refueling Bridge is engineered to your specific criteria (height, rail-to-rail length, number of sections, etc.), load limit, and seismic response spectra (if applicable).

Some of the key design features of Master-Lee's bridge:

  • Aluminum, 2-Piece construction
  • 4" high toe kick-plates
  • Slip-Resistant decking
  • OSHA Handrails (removable)
  • 36" wide walkway (standard)
  • Requires less than 15 lbs. of force to move
  • Assembly time at less than 2 hours
  • Stress analysis and load testing performed

Single-Piece SteelOptional features:

Seismic analysis

3-Piece construction


Storage containers

Carbon steel construction




Let us design a bridge for your next outage.  Please call and discuss the design options with our engineers.

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