Master-Lee is the leading U.S. supplier of refueling services.  We have completed approximately 750 refueling projects since 1987 in reactor disassembly / reassembly, refueling, in-vessel work, and spent fuel pool work.  Our workforce has experience in hundreds of refuelings worldwide. Master-Lee is dedicated to providing quality, experience, and commitment to help you meet your refueling goals.  Master-Lee defines the standard for quality nuclear field service performance to which all others must gauge their performance.  Our RF personnel are qualified through our in-depth competency-based training program, which has been audited by several utilities.


Design Plant Capabilities

Combustion Engineering

Service Capabilities
Full Scope Refueling Services
Reactor Head Maintenance Services  
Outage Management
Design Engineers with Field Experience
Fuel Handling Services
Reactor Maintenance Equipment Repair
Refueling Advisory
Fuel Handling Equipment operability
Testing and Repair
Control Room Support
Incore Instrumentation (Seal Table, Flux Thimble & ICI Replacement)
Dry Fuel Storage Support