immersed coatingMaster-Lee Decon Services has a patented Encapsulation Process for your most demanding project's needs. Having a wide variety of use, Instacote™ML is a spray-on, pliable, polyurea coating. 

Because InstaCote™ML is a polyurea, it dries within seconds of application which results in virtually instant access to any work area. The adhesion and strippable qualities associated with InstaCote™ML make it a versatile tool in most arenas of encapsulation, protection, and separation. Instacote™ML has continuously provided customers with critical path time savings, PCE reduction, and dose savings.

Radioactive Systems

  • Reactor Cavity Decontamination
  • Transfer Canal Decontamination
  • Spent Fuel Pool Decontamination
  • Tank & Vessel Decontamination

The InstaCoteTMML Advantage

  • Reduce Critical Path time (4-20+ hrs)
  • Reduce exposure
  • Decon factor of 10 is common, 300 DF is possible
  • Provides clean work area
  • Equipment can be set up outside of the RCA
  • Equipment has a small footprint (~24 ft2)
  • Application time of ~ 1,400 ft2 / hr
  • Dries in 30 seconds
  • Removal time is ~ 1,400 ft2 / hr
  • Certified incinerable (99.8% by volume)

secondary containment

Product Description

  • Two-part polyurea spray-on plastic
  • Removable/Strippable
  • Encapsulant (permanent applications or long-term stabilization)
  • Approved by various NSSS suppliers for use on Primary Systems


  • Reactor Cavity Leak Migration
  • Tanks
  • Asbestos
  • Pipes
  • Shipping/Storage Containers

Coating Proces

  • Sprayed onto the desired surface
  • Heated Hoses
  • Measures, heats & pressurizes material
  • Can be operated outside controlled area from ML trailer
  • Requires minimal crew per shift

secondary containment3 strippable polyureasecondary containment2Instacote Truck








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