Master-Lee Engineered Products Incorporated (EPI) serves the commercial nuclear power industry with innovative, quality tooling and engineering services designed with customers' interest, budget and schedule, and plant and personnel safety in mind. Our design engineers are recognized for their diversified experience in:


  • New Tool & Equipment Design
  • Process Application
  • Emergency Response
  • Field Modifications
  • Design Review
  • Drafting, CAD and 3D Modeling
  • 3D Graphic Rendering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Our customers choose Master-Lee Engineered Products for our practicality, reliability, and competitive pricing. Each design and tool produced has undergone meticulous design review by the Specialists who use the equipment in the field. Our Engineers have extensive experience in field service applications. Our tooling is designed for simplistic operation and reliable service.

Maintain the necessary partnerships, experience and technology to provide our customers the Best of the Best in outage related tooling and engineering services.
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Control Rod Drive Latch/Unlatch Tooling & Parts Control Rod Drive Latch/Unlatch Tooling & Parts The Master-Lee Engineered Products line of spare/replacement parts and accessories for the Control Rod Driveshaft Latch/Unlatch Tool is desi... Read more
Specialty Tooling Specialty Tooling Along with providing our standard line of products, EPI routinely designs innovative custom tooling for a wide variety of applications.... Read more
Refueling Shoehorn Refueling Shoehorn   The Master-Lee Engineered Products Refueling Shoehorn ensures safe and quick positioning of fuel on the reactor vesse... Read more
Pencil Lights Pencil Lights The PenciLite™ is a durable drop light that provides more than 10,450 lumens from one 500 watt water-cooled, quartz-halogen bulb. Read more
Area Drop Lights (GFI) Area Drop Lights (GFI)   The Area Drop Light (GFI)is commonly used throughout the commercial nuclear power industry for refueling core, cavity, and spen... Read more
"Jaws of Life" Cutting System For heavy duty jobs, EPI has made available the "Jaws of Life" style cutting system.  Well suited for underwater cutting applications, ... Read more
Deluxe AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock) Deluxe AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock)   The Master-Lee Deluxe AirGrips™ Package (Ball-Lock) is one of the most comprehensive air operated gripper systems made available to ... Read more
Individual FME Tools Individual FME Tools  Master-Lee Engineered Products' special line of FME tooling is now available for purchase on an item-by-item basis.  If you'd lik... Read more
Mini-Vacuum System Mini-Vacuum System   Master-Lee’s submersible Mini-Vacuum System is specifically designed to retrieve loose debris in hard to reach areas located within ... Read more
Refueling Auxiliary Bridge Refueling Auxiliary Bridge The EPI Auxiliary Refueling Bridge is the logical and practical solution to expedite your nuclear refueling process.Designed for person... Read more
Econo AirGrips Package (J-Lock) Econo AirGrips Package (J-Lock)   The Econo AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) is designed to accomodate your underwater retrieval or maintenance needs.  With a var... Read more
Deluxe AirGrips Package (J-Lock) Deluxe AirGrips Package (J-Lock) The Deluxe AirGrips™ Package (J-Lock) is designed to accommodate your underwater retrieval or maintenance needs.  With a variety of int... Read more
ICI Cutter System ICI Cutter System Designed to expedite the process of cutting ICI (In-Core Instrumentation) cables, EPI's ICI Cutter System is the newest tool of its kin... Read more
Flux Thimble Removal Tooling Flux Thimble Removal Tooling Master-Lee Engineered Products provides a user-friendly set of tools for the removal of flux thimbles .... the Flux Thimble Removal Tooling ... Read more
RCP Motor Alignment Tool RCP Motor Alignment Tool   The RCP Motor Alignment Tool has been developed to improve the dynamic operating conditions of your motors.  Read more
RX Head Nut Runners RX Head Nut Runners   Designed for removal and installation of RX Head Nuts, EPI's RX Head Nut Runners can adapt to any size or style of RX Head Nut used ... Read more
Flux Thimble Maintenance Tooling Flux Thimble Maintenance Tooling   The Master-Lee Engineered Products line of Flux Thimble Maintenance Tooling is designed to enhance your Seal Table and Flux Thi... Read more
Core Plate Plugs Core Plate Plugs   Master-Lee Engineered Products offers a simple solution to eliminating the potential for debris (FME) falling through the upper core... Read more
Deluxe FME Tool System Deluxe FME Tool System The Master-Lee Engineered Products' Deluxe FME Tool System includes those components used most often at the jobsite.  Each and eve... Read more
RX Head Stud Turnout Tool RX Head Stud Turnout Tool   Engineered to quickly, easily, and safely remove/install RX Head Studs, EPI's RX Head Stud Turnout Tool is a tool most favored ... Read more
FME Tool Retention System FME Tool Retention System To address the many FME challenges facing the industry, Master-Lee Engineered Products offers the FME Tool Retention System™ to compliment o... Read more
FME Tool Storage FME Tool Storage Mounted on a wheeled anti-tip frame, the FME Pegboard Toolbox can be stored right at the work site for quick and easy access to one of EPI... Read more
Econo AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock) Econo AirGrips Package (Ball-Lock)   Complete with the items shown, the Econo AirGrips™ Package is the ideal solution to underwater FME retrieval and material handl... Read more
'C' Cutter System 'C' Cutter System Engineered to compliment EPI's AirGrips Tooling, the hydraulically operated C-Cutter System is an excellent utility for underwater cutt... Read more